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Hope this was helpful for your purchasing needs!

My favorite thing is drawing sad art and watching people cry in the tags

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fullmetal alchemist


I’m fond of how Ness arrives on scene in smash bros via teleport… why don’t they just put him in ssb4?? gosh



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Everytime i play a tactical rpg (all two of them) that usually means you wont hear from me for awhile

I should probably invest into some new reading glasses


this video was a ride from start to finish


Let me tell you a thing about Geigue and Maria.

Time to draw maria and geigue while listening to “when somebody loved me”

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Ask me about my mother headcanons.

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ahhh, i want to draw more Maria and Geigue Art because feelings. I wanna do so much fan work with the Entirety of Mother 1.

With all the headcanons I have I could probably write a fan fiction if I really want to.